WORKSHOP: Converting to A Hybrid Club (58 min)

Crawling out of Covid: Launching an Interactive Hybrid Club Format

Presented by: Laurean Callander, CC CL MP3 – The Order of Smedley

Learn from the club that has been Hybrid for years. A hybrid club is not the same as an online only club. Discover the pitfalls in combining an in-room experience with an interactive online experience. You will walk away with a written plan for your technology and training needs – all working within your club’s budget and skillsets. Handouts and worksheets will be provided to participants so you can launch your club to success with confidence!

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UPDATE: As mentioned in the Video… we have gone to using the Jabra conference room speaker at our smaller alternate location during Covid. The feedback from our meeting guests both in the room and those online was that it was AWESOME and better then the mics. We decided that if we have in-room Speakers that don’t want microphone practice, then we are to use the Jabra. This is especially important in Covid, because the Jabra is hands-free, no passing of a mic…. and it reached all the way across the room! (we put it in the middle of the room). So the Jabra checks off both boxes for Audio in and Audio out!!!! YAHOO!!

For the meeting, we connected it via the USB cable to the laptop, for optimal bandwidth. However, you can connect it via bluetooth to a smartphone. Ideally the smartphone would be connected via WIFI for best performance.

stage area

This is how we mark off our stage/speaking area for the cameras.


The Jabra we are using is my Jabra 510, retails on Amazon for $149.99. There are other models available. This model has a 15 hour battery life. You can connect to a smartphone from 98 feet away.
Click to see on Amazon

The laptop speakers we are using (in our alternate location) are Logitech 3.5mm Z130, retails for $19.99 on Amazon.
Click to see on Amazon

The microphone system we use is VocoPro Digital-32- Ultra Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Handheld/Headset/Instrument System, retails at B&H Photo for $149.70
Click to see on B&H Photo

NOTE: Only of each kind of microphone can be used at time. Typically, just our speakers use the lavaliers. This is great while one speaker is speaking, the next speaker can get ready (“mic’d up”) and there is no down time. The Toastmaster uses one mic for “lecturn” use (Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Table Topics) and the other handheld mic is roaming – it passed around the room (TAG team reports, guest comments, etc…).

Sometimes we change this up if the Toastmaster wants to practice with the lavaliers. In this case the Toastmaster gets one lavalier and Speakers share the other lavalier. One handheld is used for other speakers at the lecturn, as usual, and the other handheld is used for roaming the room.

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