What To Expect

Here’s an example of what to expect at your first meeting at THE ORDER OF SMEDLEY. Every Toastmaster group is run a little bit differently. The primary structure and roles are the same from meeting to meeting. How meetings are conducted and formatted vary based on the culture of the group and the presiding Toastmaster of the day. We are an advanced club, we expect you already know the basic fundamentals of Toastmasters, most basic information is skipped throughout the meeting.


Our club is noted for it’s structure and adherence to a timely meeting and agenda. Depending on speaker goals, we may have 1 to 3 speakers on a Saturday. Each Speaker has a primary evaluator, afterwards unique feedback to the speaker is given round robin by all.

First Time Visitors

What’s the point of coming to Toastmasters, if you don’t get to practice public speaking? We’ll get you talking on your first visit. You will have three voluntary opportunities to speak:

  • Visitor Introductions (30-60 seconds)
  • Table Topics (1-2 minutes)
  • Summary – share your experience of the morning


Joining THE ORDER OF SMEDLEY is by invitation only. Membership requires a minimum of CC designation or Pathways Level 2. All meetings are recorded, waivers will need to be signed. All applications are approved by the Officers, not all applicants are accepted. The online applicants are limited due to club structure and there is a waiting list.

Dues & Dress Code

Our Club dues are a bit higher then other clubs to offset our higher costs of running an Advanced Club and our reward system of tassels. We also have an initiation fee which covers the cost of your black robe. Replacement robes are available at the cost of the member – don’t lose them!

Smedleys are requested to dress robed at Toastmaster events when representing THE ORDER OF SMEDLEY. For example: Contest, TLI’s, Conferences, Division meetings, etc. Dressing robed at the Saturday meetings are encouraged, yet optional.