Meeting – July 27

Sat, July 27th, 2019 @ 10:30am
Toastmaster: Zain
Speakers: Gordon Hill presenting workshop “Story”

Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

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My Personal Notes from Gordon’s Story Workshop:
12 Steps to Speaking Success
1. Develop speaking premise (less then 25 words)
2. Fundamentals – eluation (pronounce, enuncuiate)
3. Choose topics – What are you good at?
4. Goals as speaker – for crafting, allow 1 day/minute of speech
5. Speaking format: seminar training, workshops (guiding consultant)
6. Open/Middle/Close
Tell me what you’re going to tell me
Tell them
Remind them what you just told them
7. Design/Define/Deliver/Debrief/Decompress
8. VISA Models
9. Influence/Inform/Inspire
10. Storytelling
Start an adventure
Go on an adventure
Become hero
11. Vignette
12. Focus on Success – focus on 1 with intensity

reach out to Gordon at:

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