Meeting Aug 8 [Japan Joint Meeting]

Sat, August 8th, 2020 @ 7:30am EST
Joint Meeting with Nakano Toastmasters in Japan
Toastmaster: Masaki Matsuda
Speakers: Kelly Harden, Beverly Plant, Tom Karino, Teppei Ikeda

joint meeting aug 8 2020 with Japan

What an amazing meeting! We had 46 people in the meeting, with several members from Smedley meeting in-person, hybrid. As members from Smedley were getting out of our pajamas… the members at Nakano were getting into them! Despite the time difference, the meeting was a huge success!

The meeting was extremely interactive, including using the Zoom polls to vote for:

  • Best Speaker: Teppei Ikeda
  • Best Table Topics: TR Coverson
  • Best Evaluator: Toru Maruyama

A tremendous amount of planning went into this meeting. A special call out to Zain Nensey for organizing the two clubs and ensuring both clubs were equally represented with meeting roles, speakers and a great deal of fun!

Meeting Agenda


Meeting Minutes


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